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Kerstin Brueck


Kerstin is the Owner and Founder of Freedom Professional Counseling, LLC.  With a background that includes Psychiatric Settings, and other Private Counseling offices in the Washington, D.C., and Alabama area, as well as Ministry work abroad in New Zealand, she is now delighted to serve in her Practice full time.

Kerstin founded Freedom Professional Counseling, LLC, in 2015, in order to serve individuals and couples, along the journey of freedom from Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational burdens.

It is her greatest passion to work with clients who are dedicated to the Therapeutic Process, and willing to walk through their life stories with intentionality and integration. 

She is honored and humbled to walk alongside her clients.

Kerstin works with various Therapeutic topics, and utilizes various Therapeutic modalities, including, but not limited to:

-Family Systems Therapy

-Marital Therapy 

-Jungian Therapy

-Christian Counseling


-Existential Therapy


-Psychodynamic Therapy

-Solution Focused Therapy


-Humanistic Therapy


FUS: MA in Counseling

FUS:  BA Theology/Psychology

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